Twitter launches tool for journalists

Jun 29, 2011
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With #TfN Twitter aims to become an indispensable resource for reporters and editors.

Twitter for Newsrooms offers reporters tips on reporting, branding, and publishing to Twitter. Although it essentially explains what journalists already accustomed to the site already know and practice, the guide intends to help those with a little less tweeting know-how take full advantage of the site’s resources.

In much of our coverage region, where the internet is becoming an increasingly powerful tool in spreading accurate information and mobilizing populations in despite of government obstacles, the new site could be a useful primer indeed.

That being said, it remains true that Twitter’s no triple-fact-checked, reliable source. As Pam Baker writes on ReadWriteWeb, “Twitter is not a newsroom. It’s more a smoky bar, shadowy garage, corporate breakroom, and boisterous mob gathering—places reporters traditionally went to tease out news leads—all rolled into one.”

In the end, #TfN is an instruction manual to a massive network of information. The actual activity that goes on in newsrooms—acquiring information, fact-checking, finding an angle, writing, editing—will continue to rely less on hashtags and more on hard work.

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Michelle Timmerman

Michelle Timmerman is a an editorial intern at Transitions Online. She is in her third year at Harvard College, where she studies the history and literature of modern Europe. She is a staff writer for the university daily, the Harvard Crimson, and an executive editor of the Crimson’s weekly magazine.
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