Turkmenet proves strong

Jul 11, 2011
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Last week, a fatal explosion in Turkmenistan sparked a wave of citizen journalism in the country, signifying the very real strength of the Internet and social networks in the dissemination of factual information.

The official government story is that hot weather caused fireworks to detonate in a warehouse, injuring no one. However, eyewitnesses described in graphic imagery online the injury and death caused by the event. One eyewitness described the explosion of bombs, rockets, automatic weapons — even rockets from WWII. Although the Internet was down in Ashgabat for several hours following the event, when it did return, citizens used the Internet to ascertain the facts of the explosion and maintain calm.

For more information, read EurasiaNet’s report of the amazing event and its significance for Internet journalism in the region.

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Michelle Timmerman

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