Photo-journalists face copyright problems in Azerbaijan

Aug 12, 2011
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One of the few Azerbaijani photography agencies with an online presence is facing problems with copyright. The Free Photoreporters website is unique in that it is updated frequently with work from well known photo-journalists based in and around Azerbaijan.

Their photos are also shared on social networks and other online outlets. At the same time, sharing work in a country where few users care about copyright issues creates problems for reporters, with even professional media outlets refusing to pay or even properly credit photographers.

Recently, photographers have decided to make an official statement informing users about issues of plagiarism, but it’s impossible for them to track all issues of copyright-infringement. Unfortunately, it looks as if there will be more cases in the future as media chiefs seem to care more about their bottom-line than the rights of journalists.

AFB-FPU received a grant from Transitions for creating their website, which is available at:

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