Social media remains prone to fakery in Azerbaijan

Aug 24, 2011
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From time to time the issue of fake accounts comes up when talking about social networks. Before the arrest of so called “donkey bloggers” Emin Milli and Andnan Hajizade, though, the issue was rarely discussed. Public debates on the issue have grown with the rise of Facebook in Azerbaijan. Until now, many active users – especially journalists working for international organizations – have only been familiar with the name Elnare Milli. Milli appears to be very active blogger, campaigner, Facebook and Twitter commenter, but at the same time has made many anti-blogging statements. She states that she’s collaborated with CNN, BBC, Euronews and Al-Jazeera yet local journalists seem to know very little about her as a real person.

Following Bakhtiyar Hajiyev’s arrest his Facebook profile has all but vanished. Azerbaijani media, meanwhile, have started to discuss security in social networks, but it seems that this is a case of too little, too late.

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Emin Huseynzade

A leading new media expert Emin Huseynzade has consulted and worked with the OSCE, OSI, Internews, EJC, Oxfam and other international organizations. He is actively involved in projects covering Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Central Asia. Follow him on Twitter: @eminhuseynzade
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