Moldova rewards technological startups

Aug 30, 2011
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Moldova recently hosted iTineret, a nation-wide contest to establish and promote young talent and achievements in the IT field. The competition comprised of categories including websites, graphics and applications. One of the winners of the contest was MediaPoint, a longtime TOL partner in Moldova. They created a website called based on a Ushahidi platform dedicated to monitoring and reporting issues that should be tackled by public authorities, such as bad roads and poor illumination.

Andrei Fornea, the president of MediaPoint, mentioned that the project had won the support of the mayor of Chisinau who has promised support. As a result, the banner to was posted on the official website of the Chisinau municipality.

The iTineret contest was supported by a large number of companies from Moldova including Moldtelecom, Moldcell, Î.S. CRIS Registru, Sun Communications, StarNet and by the Ministry of Informational Technologies and Communications.

Further information on the event can be found at:–viitorul-incepe-cu-tine_59161.html

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Cristian Ziliberberg

Cristian Ziliberberg has been involved in Moldova’s civil society movement since 1998. He has worked for the Resource Center for Human Rights, the Center for Organizational Training and Consultancy, the Leadership Institute, and as TOL’s project manager for Moldova for the past year.
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