Apple opens online stores in Central Europe

Sep 26, 2011
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Until now, users of Apple products in Central and Eastern Europe – including the increasingly popular iPhone and iPad devices – haven’t been able to access dedicated online stores to purchase country-specific software and hardware, a service that much of the rest of Europe takes for granted.

While it’s true that uptake on Apple products has been relatively slow compared to other territories – not least because of a lack of official distribution – the inability to buy products and download apps without having to use a foreign store has been a constant bone of contention for Apple aficionados in Central and Eastern Europe.

Users in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, however, will now be able to access region-specific stores, which aim to compete with a growing number of third-party retailers, and offer consumers the chance to purchase official care plans for the first time.

With the total number of online stores now at 37, here’s hoping Apple’s next round of outlets will include the often neglected Central Asia region.

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