Mediafabric brings global tech experts to Prague

Oct 3, 2011
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A host of journalists, editors, technologists, developers, designers and hackers will be descending on Prague on October 21 for Mediafabric 2011, a day-long hackathon curated by open-source software startup, Sourcefabric.

A range of discussions on technology’s place in journalism will set the agenda, with the conference aiming to ask what, who, why, when and where contemporary news media is currently at via a series of keynote presentations and workshops with developers and engineers.

The roster of global speakers set to visit Mediafabric later this month include former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon; Mariano Blejman, a software designer responsible for developing technology to extract data from the police records of Argentina’s last military dictatorship; leading Nepal journalist Kunda Dixit; and Leo Prieto, founder of FayerWayer, the largest blog network in the Spanish-speaking world.

More information, including Sourcefabric’s latest podcast, can be found at:

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