Romania uses social media to confront apathy

Nov 16, 2011
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Activists and civil society participants in Romania are coming up with innovative ways of combatting problems they see in their communities. A recent blog post on Tech Soup Global talks about what seems to have been a really productive competition called Restart Romania. The competition, organized  by Tech Soup Romania, was designed to find, develop and support a few of the best ideas.

The winners were posted on the blog NetSquared along with descriptions of each project. The post also features a youtube video with interviews with three of the winners.

One of the winners is an idea called “Bursa Spagilor” or “Bribe Market” (link in Romanian). The idea is to collect data on the price of bribes by having individuals report what they had to pay.  The idea is that with more information, people can come to the site to see where to go to find the cheapest bribe.  According to the winner, Codru Vrabie, this should drive the cost of bribes down through simple market economics.

All of the winners have ideas that sound amazing, and Net Prophet will be keeping you updated on their success in the future.

RestartRomania Awards Video with Subtitles from Chris Worman on Vimeo.

Homepage photo from above Youtube video

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