To .bg, or not to .bg, that is the question

Nov 21, 2011
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After having been denied several times, Bulgaria is trying again to be able to register Internet domain names in Cyrillic.  The country would like to be able to register websites with the suffix “.бг”, though the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has rejected because of its close resemblance to that of Brazil’s “.br” according to an article in the Bulgarian news agency Novinite. 

Bulgaria has several options for registering the suffix, according to a government spokesperson, but  the process could take at the very least 2-3 years.  Other options for Bulgaria to use would be ”.бгр,” “.бул” and/ or “.бя”, Novinite also reports.

ICANN opened up the possibility for native-script domains in 2006. Russia was the first to offer sites in Cyrillic with a “.рф “suffix in 2010.  Currently, Serbia (“.срб”) is the only other country with a Cyrillic suffix,  although both Ukraine (“.укр”)and Kazakhstan(“.қаз”) are close to having theirs approved.

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