New data suggest Russian Internet use will rise and rise

Nov 23, 2011
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The largest country in Europe now boasts the most Internet users as well, new research shows.

Russia recorded the highest number of unique visitors to Internet sites among 18 European markets surveyed in September by the comScore marketing agency: 50,810,000, a pip ahead of Germany’s 50,139,000. German users, however, spent an average two hours more per month online (24.4 hours, compared to Russia’s 22.4 hours), but both countries lag well behind the web-happy British, who averaged almost 36 hours online.

Smart phones are pushing the rise in Russia, Russia Profile says, citing a statistic by Moscow financial analyst Alexei Matrosov, that mobile Internet use has risen by 19 percent this year. Internet penetration has reached 31 percent in rural areas and 42 percent in cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants, Matrosov said.

The comScore data imply that only 36 percent of Russia’s 140 million population are regular Internet users, a low penetration compared to other countries surveyed. The only other Eastern European country in the list was Poland, where Internet penetration was at 48 percent in September.

This post was written by TOL staff for the news roundup Around the Bloc.

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