“A Blogger Could Start Russia’s Arab Spring” and other interesting links

Dec 12, 2011
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Once again, here are some interesting bits of news related to our coverage region, in this case, Russia, from the folks at CIMA’s Digital Mash Up, including a link to a Forbes profile of Alexei Navalny:

A Blogger Could Start Russia’s Arab Spring.

The new face of the Russian opposition is a young whistle-blowing, shareholder activist, muckraking blogger by the name of Alexei Navalny. At 2:15 p.m. on Monday, he called his huge internet following to a 7 p.m. demonstration at the Chistye Prudy park to protest “the rotten total fabrication of Moscow election results.”  He wondered why some Moscow districts reported 20 percent while identical districts next door reported 70 percent votes for United Russia.

Social Media Makes Anti-Putin Protests “Snowball”

Artyom Kolpakov used to shrug when he came across occasional appeals on social media sites to protest against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his government. “I didn’t see the point really,” he said. But something changed when, clicking through amateur videos and online testimonies documenting cases of ballot-stuffing and repeat voting, he saw others shared his outrage at Putin’s party’s victory in Sunday’s parliamentary election. (Reuters, 12/7)



#news2011: Russia Today on Raising Awareness through Its FreeVideo Platform

After the second day of sessions focused on business at the Global Editors Network news summit, including paywalls and paid-for app, it was fitting that during the third and final day of presentations we heard about projects offering content and platforms for free. One such project came from Russia Today which outlined its FreeVideo platform, described as an “English language video agency”. The website, which should be of interest to journalists worldwide, provides free video footage that journalists can download, edit and reuse for their own projects and output. (Journalism.co.uk, 11/30)


RUSSIA: Journalists and Bloggers Arrested during Moscow Demonstration

Reporters Without Borders condemns yesterday’s arrests of reporters, photographers and bloggers while covering a street protest in Moscow against the results of the previous day’s parliamentary elections and the irregularities that accompanied the polling. (Reporters Without Borders, 12/6)










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