Photoshopped image of Russian blogger backfires, inspires new meme

Jan 9, 2012
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Internet users helped root out a doctored photo of a prominent Russian political critic that shown just how much the Internet has changed the nature of political shenanigans in the country since the days of Soviet political photo montages.  The story appeared recently in the New York Times.

A photo of Russian blogger and United Party critic, Alexey Navalny, appeared in a pro-Kremlin newspaper in Yekaterinburg on 7 January.  The image shows Navalny standing next to Boris Berezovsky, an exiled Russian financier sought by police, with the caption saying that Navalny had ties with the man.

The photo turned out to be faked.  The original showed up on the Internet the following day.  The story of the photograph inspired Internet users to make their own photo montages of Navalny, some more believable than others.  Navalny posted some on his blog along with the first manipulated image and its original.

All images from Navalny’s blog.

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