In Moldova sharing is caring, literally

Jan 30, 2012

Facebook pages do not just make the world smaller, but bring local communities closer especially if pages start from a simple idea and are not commercial.

In 2010, Moldovan Facebook users met EU BEU CEAI (I Drink Tea). A page designed for tea lovers and everything connected to tea. Shortly after that there were some Tea Festivals were people shared a cup of tea in real life. Now the page has around 3,400 fans.

Music that unites

In 2011, a new wave appeared: Cintec Pidijeaba (Song for Free). A page where people could dedicate music for someone dear and to make them smile. But that’s not all, now it is one of the main pages in Moldova educating people about good music. People use the page to learn about undiscovered music, both modern and classic.


The page was created in August by Viorel Barbănouă who was sharing links with music on his friend’s wall. Since then there were organized three major “offiline” Cintec Pidijeaba events–in August, September and December 2011–all of which were attended by more than 500 people.

The first two events had both special guests who sang for the public and an open microphone where anyone could get up and sing a song. The 3rd event was a charity event: Pidijingle Bells, where people paid a small fee (6 euros), which was donated for Christmas gifts to children in orphanages. It raised more than 720 euros in one night.

Now the page has almost 2,000 fans and 500 people talking about it daily. And  according to the rules of the page of the page it is as as follows,  ”1. Post a good song 2. MANDATORY: dedicate the song to someone you care about and tag him/her. 3. Enjoy it together”

People search online a reason to get offline. If you gave this to them and make the world a bit better, it would definitely get viral.

Let’s drink tea and listen to great music with our friends.

Cintec Pidijeaba founder Viorel Barbănouă plays at one of the recent offline events. Photo by Nata Moraru.



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