Romanian startup Summify bought by Twitter

Feb 1, 2012
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The web-based startup Summify, created by two Romanians, has been bought up by Twitter, according to Romania Insider.  Summify announced the news on their blog last week and said they were relocating to Twitter’s offices in San Francisco from their current base in Vancouver.

Summify is a news aggregator that collects what it thinks will be the most relevant posts from around your social media profile based on what’s popular and what your friends are posting.

The company was formed in 2010 by Mircea Pașoi and Cristian Strat, self-described hackers and entrepreneurs, after participating in Vancouver’s Bootup Labs startup incubator.  In Romania, the two previously cofounded the sites Infoarena,  a community for youth interested in programming and computer science, and, a job search engine.

According to the announcement, Summify will be closing down its services as the team settles in at Twitter.  No details of the Summify buy were disclosed.

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