New Media project to tackle corruption in Moldova

Feb 8, 2012
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For a two-day period, 25 young people from Moldova came together to generate ideas for social projects that could be implemented through new media.

The “New Media for Social Change” event took place on 28-29 January and was hosted by MediaPoint, an NGO promoting social innovation through new media, and with additional support from Transitions Online.

Young people came up with 30 ideas for projects tacking a social issue, of which one was selected to be implemented soon.

Given the fact that corruption is very serious problem in Moldova the group decided to focus on creating a platform that would feature a map and database for reporting cases of bribery by users. The group felt that would be a great tool for citizens.

In Moldova, people often do not see corruption or don’t do not report cases because maybe it benefit them or maybe reporting it would put their life in danger. Instead, people could place a complaint or a report of corruption on the map so that the entire country could see what the institutions have the highest level of corruption.

At the last event, held in July 2011, participants developed, a project that is now up and running  and allows users to report and geotag social problems (graffiti, stray dogs, potholes, etc)  in Chisinau, Moldova’s capital.

About the Author

Andrei Fornea

Andrei Fornea, the co-founder of MediaPoint Network and also an active blogger is currently involved in the development of new media in Moldova.
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