Cold weather ‘trending’ in Azerbaijan

Feb 10, 2012
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The cold weather has done more than just descend on Azerbaijan, it also seems to have invaded its social media networks as well.

Recently, it seems that every post–whether blog, status, or comment in social networks and even most of news coming from websites–in Azerbaijan has been about the snow, the unusually cold weather, or the freezing of the Caspian Sea. That last one is unusual, as the middle of the Caspian sea has not frozen for more than 55-60 years.

It is now being discussed on Facebook, as freezing happend nearly immediatelly after the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources official said that the Azerbaijani sector “will not freeze”. Now users from  Sumgayit city and Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev town posts videos and photos about their new-found opportunity to walk on the ice in places that normally serve as very hot places and the perfect beach in summertime. Here is a video shot in Sumgayit, where the ice is not as big as in other parts of Caspian Sea.

Cold weather with temperatures reaching-13 Celsius have been seen in Baku this week and 110 years ago.  Some Internet users have used their their social networks to share many creative works done with ice and snow, others hared photos of the thousands of wild birds that came in to Baku because of low temperatures. Temperatures in Azerbaijan dropped to as low as -30 Celsius in mountainous regions.

The most read news items on websites seemed to also be about problems with electricity, natural gas and heating systems. The author of this post encountered electricity cuts many times (and for several hours) over the last four days in Baku. Officially five districts of Baku have been facing electricity problems due to energy-production problems.

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