YouTube used to expose electoral violations in Russia

Feb 17, 2012
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Unlike in Belarus where the electoral commission members never raise a voice against falsifications, their Russian counterparts are more active.

Last week there was another instance. Irina Kolpakova, the head of the district electoral commission in Samara in Central Russia, published a video on YouTube asking the League of the Electors (Лига избирателей) and Putin himself to address the cases of electoral violations.

Several days before another commission member from St-Petersburg used YouTube to tell a similar story.


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Alaksiej Lavoncyk

Alaksiej Lavonczyk is a media activist and social media expert from Minsk, Belarus. He had been in charge of the training projects for the NGOs and media on building their capacity in online campaigning and end-user security. Alaksiej had also acted as a consulting and technical expert for NGOs and media in Belarus and four countries of Central Asia (except Turkmenistan) on upgrading media/NGO websites to meet contemporary standards, and on their promotion online. Alaksiej is also running an online training centre for the Central Asians preparing the specialists in SMO promotion.
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