Medvedev’s Facebook page blocked for Georgians

Feb 24, 2012
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Hundreds of posts demanding the withdrawal of Russian solders from Georgia’s breakaway regions on Russian president Dimitry Medvedev’s Facebook page were removed by the administrator, and Georgian users were blocked from accessing the site. Online activists, consisting of users, wanted to express their position concerning Russian policy on Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Soon similar messages (“Occupants get out of our country,” “I demand the removal of the Russian occupation army from Georgia”) were removed from Medvedev’s Facebook page.

A banner calling for Internet users to participate in the campaign appeared primarily on the blog of Cyxymu’s, (a Georgian blogger who was a target of series of attacks on social networking sites Facebook, Google Blogger, LiveJournal and Twitter, taking the latter offline for two hours on August 7, 2009) with the text:  “Let’s all together, regardless of political, ethnic and religious views, express our protest on the Facebook page of the Russian president and demand the removal of the Russian occupation armies from Georgian territory.”





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Elza Ketsbaia

Elza Ketsbaia has served as Transition’s country manager for Georgia for three years. She is an experienced journalist with stints in broadcast journalism at Radio Ucnobi and the Georgian Public Broadcaster. She holds a master’s degree from the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management.
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