Anonymous stage more attacks on Romanian websites

Feb 29, 2012
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Following up an earlier wave of attacks on Romanian websites, the hacking group Anonymous defaced and temporarily disabled the sites of several government agencies and the International Monetary Fund’s Romanian mission over the past week, Balkan Insight reports.

Among the sites was the Giurgiu County Social Services and Child Protection Agency, targeted because of its notorious corruption and because its website was badly secured, hackers claimed. Websites of several regional institutions, city halls, and technical institutes were also defaced and some information was leaked. The hackers threatened to post confidential information gathered from these websites.

Last month, a group affiliated with Anonymous, #antisecRO, posted online data it claimed to have retrieved from the hacked website of the Horia Hulubei Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, including financial data and personal data and passwords.



The Internet attacks came after Romania signed the ACTA anti-counterfeiting treaty on 26 January, days before the government led by former Prime Minister Emil Boc collapsed amid growing public discontent over the country’s austerity measures. Boc later said he allowed the treaty to be signed without a public debate, admitting he “didn’t have enough information at that moment.”

The European Commission last week put the treaty on hold, asking the European Court of Justice to review it.

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