Iran blocks Eurovision website

Mar 5, 2012
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Blocking online content in Iran is not news. But few may have heard that in Iran, music websites or contests can also be considered “enemy” content.

Iran, Azerbaijan’s southern neighbor, recently blocked the Eurovision website. This song contest will take place in Baku in May, and thousands of foreigners are expected to come to the city. In response, the Azerbaijani government has issued a decree saying that any foreigner who has bought Eurovision tickets will be able get a visa through an expedited procedure.

Photo by Kanko, Flickr, Creative Commons licensed

Tickets for Eurovision went on sale in late February, and many Iranian citizens–especially those who have ties to Azerbaijani–are interested in coming to see the European event in person. reports the Eurovision website was still accessible until recently. It’ s possible that the opening of ticket sales may have led Iranian officials to block Eurovision’s site in their country. Still I think some Azerbaijanis will come from Iran for this big event, since it has never been so close to them until now.


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