Belgrade launches SMS bus schedules

Mar 27, 2012
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Perhaps the worst thing about waiting for a bus is not knowing whether your wait will be another three minutes or another 30 minutes. Fortunately, public transportation users in Belgrade have a new way to check for their bus’s ETA with only a cell phone.

A new project launched in the city allows a mobile phone owner to send an SMS  to *011* using a distinct code for whichever bus stop they’re at, according to Balkan Insight. A user will then get a text response listing the next arrivals to that stop and the estimated arrival times.

After a month-long trial, the city expanded the program to bus stations city wide March 15. The service is free for six months, according to the report.

Belgrade, apparently attempting to become an SMS-friendly city, already offers other services through text. For example, the city allows drivers to pay for parking using a mobile phone.

(Photo: Wikicommons user Andrei Stroe)

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