Serbian journalists, activists develop online presence

Mar 30, 2012
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Serbian journalists, human rights activists, and media specialists met in Belgrade this month to help develop their online presence.

Organized by Civil Rights Defenders, a NGO, and held at the Belgrade Media Center, a social media outfit, the course brought together journalists and human rights workers. Participants were introduced to social media tools such as Twitter, Storify, Hootsuite, Facebook, and Posterous, among others.

The group posted this video of an interview with one of the trainers about the workshop on their Posterous site:

The last year has seen social media taking a prominent role in public life, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. With the rise of open source and free to use social media platforms, the way citizens interact with their governments is rapidly changing. Projects such as this not only help activists and journalists in spreading their viewpoints, but also create new networks between social media hubs.

The Belgrade Media Center, formed by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, provides media services for public interest projects. The center averages 520 conferences a year, according to their website. Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights group that works with activists worldwide to provide training and monitor governments.

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