Russians get guidance for online activism with webinar

Apr 18, 2012
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Last week I delivered webinar for Oxfam Russia focusing on new media called, “Online social activism and bloggers”.

Mainly focusing on gender, youth, and environmental issues, I discovered that people all around Russia had many of the same problems with the online promotion of their work and desires. Previously I have had workshops, meetings, and conferences with online activists. But this time, being an online trainer through Vivavox for a webinar open to everybody from all over Russia, gave me different focus.

webinar system

Many asked me about getting “chinovniks”, or public officials, to share their activities and thoughts online. Others were interested if there were ways to attract people from social networks to blogs. Of course not everybody will be able/interested/involved in this process. But taking into consideration that the socio-centric model of online social networks provides opportunities for thousands of micro-leaders, the mechanism for involving them in blog writing is easy to implement.

Now I am planning to deliver a second webinar for Russian users focusing on problems and opportunities for smaller NGOs, activists, media, etc.

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Emin Huseynzade

A leading new media expert Emin Huseynzade has consulted and worked with the OSCE, OSI, Internews, EJC, Oxfam and other international organizations. He is actively involved in projects covering Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Central Asia. Follow him on Twitter: @eminhuseynzade
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