Hungary to host CERN data center

May 9, 2012
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The old joke about the world’s smartest physicists not having any communication barrier – because they all speak Hungarian – seems to be taken at face value by CERN, the European nuclear research center.

On 4 May CERN chose a Budapest physics laboratory to host its blindingly fast new data processing center and help search for the fundamental building blocks of matter, The Wall Street Journal’s Emerging Europe blog reports.


The center will be built at the Wigner Research Center for Physics in Budapest, named for Hungarian-American Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner. The center will cost 8.5 billion euros, an institute press release said.


When finished in 2013, the center will have at its disposal more broadband capacity than the rest of Hungary combined, Emerging Europe’s blogger, Gergo Racz, notes.

(Photo: Torkild Retvedt/Flickr)


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