Moldovan online site broadcasts 10,000th event

May 22, 2012
2 Comments, the first online TV channel in Moldova, has been transmitting live for almost three years and has now broadcast more than 10,000 events.

The website films, transmits, and archives live feeds of news conferences and other important events happening around the country.

First appearing in  July 2009 at the initiative of Moldovan bloggers, the project has continued to grow and is now present in Romania and has more than ten employees. Some of the biggest websites in Moldova have placed’s widget on their own site, so broadcasted live events can be viewed directly on the country’s major news portals.

One of the reasons that led to the creation of this platform is that in Moldova there has always been political influence on the media; each television channel tends promotes certain political actors or parties. came in as an alternative and offered events fully broadcast, so that everyone could make their own conclusion about the news after watching.

The site also offers a live feed of comments next to the videos. Last year, the site ran into a confrontation with a local activist over questions of free speech vs. hate speech.

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Andrei Fornea

Andrei Fornea, the co-founder of MediaPoint Network and also an active blogger is currently involved in the development of new media in Moldova.
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