Romanian police nab Anonymous hacktivists

May 31, 2012
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Police in Romania say they have broken up a Romanian branch of the global hacking collective known as Anonymous, according to

The group, made up of 14 people, is believed to be responsible for illegally accessing 29 online computer systems in Romania and abroad to deface websites or copy confidential information. Officials announced 29 May they arrested 12 people from 10 cities across the country who are suspected of being part of the cybercriminal group, including its founder, 24-year-old Gabriel Balaeasa, who goes by the online alias lulzcart.


Earlier this year, hackers affiliating themselves with Anonymous, among them one going by the Twitter handle lulzcart, announced they had broken into websites of several Romanian public institutions, including the Romanian National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Bucharest city hall, according to IDG News.



The Anonymous group has grown more active in Romania over the past few months, according to Balkan Insight. The group targeted government websites during this winter’s anti-austerity protests and intensified its attacks after Romania signed ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. One month later, the group claimed responsibility forbreaking into websites belonging to of government agencies and the International Monetary Fund.

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