Moldova Startup Weekend features promising ideas

Jun 8, 2012

Last weekend in Moldova, the second edition of Moldova Startup Weekend focusing on Mobile and Social Media apps was held. The winner of the first edition – Artur Gurău – will soon launch his social network for footballers.

There were more than 50 participants at the startup event who pitched around 40 ideas. In the end, 11 projects were presented.

The runner up of the competition was the app called: Travel Seeker, where the user may add how much money has for a trip, and travel agencies may propose a good deal for the specified amount of money.

The 3rd place was an idea about rewarding. When you help someone that person promises you beer, a chocolate or something, so this app comes to help people to return the favor. The app is called Pun Pivă (I Buy you a beer) where you may refresh someone’s memory about a debt or you may honor your promise and send your friend a free beer.

The 2nd place was an application that will count every billboard on the streets – Street Ads app. Where people who buy advertising will see the places available, how good they are, and if the people who sell the advertisement could easily manage their business.

The winner of the event was an app called Push&Go. It works as a search engine for events. You may add what you want, how much money you want to spend, in what area the event should be or you have the possibility to go random and the app finds you the closest event. It is a fine idea for party animals as well for the people who want a cozy evening.

It will be interesting if these ideas will grow and become campaigns for some products or self-selling apps. All the winners received some  money from the sponsors to use to help launch their idea.

Find more info on Moldova Startup Weekend Facebook page.

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