The largest social network in Moldova closes

Jun 21, 2012

FACES.MD, the largest social network in Moldova was closed in May this year. Now the site is redirected to an online store. In 2004 -2009, the Moldovan network was a leader in Moldova. Almost every young person in the country had an account here, and the site formed a real community of people.


Why did it closed?

 In 2007 the Moldovan social network was bought by The site even had the same platform. In 2009, Moldovan youth began to use more international social networks, such as Facebook and Odnoklassniki. was not able to deal these giant competitors. Since then the network slowly collapsed.

Odnoklassniki in Moldova
The Russian social network Odnoklassniki is currently the most popular in Moldova with more than 720,000 registered Moldovan users. There are several reasons why Odnoklassniki is No. 1 in Moldova. First, the site is more often used by people in rural areas who have only recently gotten accessed to the Internet. In other words, Odnoklassniki seems to be more for beginners. On the other hand, almost all Moldovans speak Russian, making the site convenient and easier to navigate is also convenient. One thing is certain; Moldovans use this network only for communication and just a little bit for promotion campaigns.

Facebook in Moldova
About 241,000 Moldovans are registered on Facebook. Most are aged between 17 and 27 years. On Facebook, compared with Odnoklassniki, there is another type of user. These people tend to be from more urban areas and more informed and active, both online and offline. The majority of companies in Moldova are present on Facebook, as are most politicians and performers.

Unfortunately I can’t really see a common social network for users of Odnoklassniki and Facebook because there is a big difference and a communication gap between these two distinct demographics.

About the Author

Andrei Fornea

Andrei Fornea, the co-founder of MediaPoint Network and also an active blogger is currently involved in the development of new media in Moldova.
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