Online platforms coordinate aid for Russian flood victims

Floods in Kuban, Russia, have completely destroyed 640 homes, with more than 5,000 partially submerged. According to data from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Crisis Centre, the natural disaster had killed 150 people as of July 8.

Since the tragedy, citizens across Russia have been gathering humanitarian aid for the affected population, whose situation remains extremely grave.

Here is a short list of the most active online resources now coordinating aid for the victims in Kuban.


The homepage of Coordination of Aid for Victims of Flooding in the Crimea [ru]

This portal hosts the most current information: photo reports, broadcasts from the disaster site, lists of the deceased, and data about the arrival of humanitarian aid. There is also a host of information about what kind of help volunteers most need now and how individuals can get themselves to the area to help out.


Virtual Bell – The atlas of emergency aid

A new mini map has been added to Virtual Bell’s [ru] site for those affected in Krasnodar Krai. Volunteers from the “Bell” have spread information about the points of admission for humanitarian aid and targeted requests and proposals from volunteers.

Once you have registered on, you can then create a Crimean volunteer profile and receive notifications twice a day in your email inbox about new requests for aid in the Crimea.

Aid is being gathered across all regions. You can find very detailed information about needs and points of admission on the website for “REformation” in Novosibirisk, a sociopolitical movement.


Map of aid in Kuban

It is also possible to add points about where help from volunteers or humanitarian aid is needed to this crowdsourced map on the online platform, Ushaidi.

Summary of information about humanitarian aid access points

On Elena Popovoi’s blog [ru]

Through social media:

  • - The blogger Doctor Liza collects items for humanitarian assistance on behalf of the charitable fund “Fair Aid” (based in Moscow).
  • - The Krasnodar network on LiveJournal.
  • - This Vkontakte group (containing links to many of regional groups in other towns).
  • - Searching with and using the hashtag #поможем (we help) on Twitter.

Originally published by Global Voices Online. Image courtesy Krymsk 2012. Creative Commons.

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Dariya Alekseeva, Global Voices Online; translated by Sian Sinnott

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