Live blogging from Moldova’s SICamp 2012

Jul 28, 2012

Social Innovation Camp Moldova 2012 started this weekend. The event is dedicated to people who want to solve a social problem through information technologies.

Net Prophet presents you a LIVE TEXT session of the event:

(Photo gallery from the event on our facebook page)

06:10 p.m: The Winner of SICamp Moldova 2012 is Parkanoid!

05:51 p.m: Participants are receiving diplomas and gifts from the SICamp Moldova team. Soon we will find out who is the winner !
05:25 p.m:
The Jury is voting now. Everybody is waiting for the results.
05:05 p.m:
The last presentation is provided by the Meet and Play Team. Their website aims to promote an active life style and to create communities based on sport interests.
05:00 p.m:
Another great website, 100 places to visit in Moldova will allow us to see the TOP 100 Must Visit places in Moldova, how to get there and how much money do we need. 
04:50 p.m:
Open the door is the application which aims to solve the problem related to the lack of information on adoption in Moldova. The site will have some modules like general information on adoption and legislation, an interactive map with orphanages, a donation portal and Q&A related to adoption.
04:40 p.m: The next application is Chisinau Compass, which aims to help citizens in traveling using public transport. The team wants to offer a better method of visualizing the routs, the existing public transport and other features which will help citizens to travel within Chisinau.
04:31 p.m:
Presentation session started.
The  Parkanoid presenter spoke about their application and about educating people to be more responsible when they park in the town.
04:00 p.m: People are coming to the conference hall, we are about to start the presentation session.
03:00 p.m:
Teams are finishing their presentations. Soon we will see the results of 48 hard-working hours.
09:42 a.m:
Each project has now a Facebook Page. Teams are looking for feed-back. Here are all the pages :
ParkanoidMeet&Play, ChisinauCompass,, 100 places to visit in Moldova

09:30 a.m:
Participants had their breakfast. Thank God there is coffee :)
09:00 a.m:
We’re back. A lot of work was done last night, the night before the final competition.

Sunday, the third day of SICamp

09:10 p.m: Teams are still working. It’s going to be a hard night. Tomorrow, everybody will see the results.  
07:10 p.m:
Presentation Tips & Tricks. Our mentors, Artur and Jaroslav are giving advices to the teams on how to have a successful presentation. 
06:00 p.m:
Dinner time :)
05:30 p.m:
End of round-up session. All the teams are moving fast, transforming their ideas into projects. Designing the site, programming and presentations are the main activities for our teams now. Tomorrow we will see the results. 
03:50 p.m:
Preparing for the meeting with the mentors.
02:30 p.m: 
After having lunch, the teams are ready to continue their work on projects. Soon we will have a round-up session with our mentors.
11:55 a.m:
Everybody is working. Teams are motivated to win!
10:45 a.m:
Let’s meet the teams:

Meet and Play

100 places to visit in Moldova


Open the door

Chişinău Compass

09:30 a.m: The teams make themselves comfortable. Let the work on projects begin !
08:30 a.m: Participants woke up (some of them did gymnastics) and had breakfast.

Saturday, the second day of SICamp

10:40 p.m: The live text session ends here. Tomorrow the teams will begin to work on projects.
10:35 p.m:
The presentations ended. Now participants socialize.

10:11 p.m: The ideas are presented:
1. “Meet&Play” – a platform where people with a common sporting interest can meet and practice it together.
2. “Parkanoid” – an application related to the problem with illegal parking. “The real purpose of this application is to educate people”.
3. “Open door” – an idea designed to promote the phenomenon of adoption.
4. “Chisinau Compass” – an application that will help pedestrians to easily learn how to get from one destination to another by using public transportation.
5. “100 places to visit” – a site that provides data and information about places to visit in Moldova.

9:53 p.m: Now each participant presents reports from SICamp expectations.
9:49 p.m:
Artur Gurău gives participants some advices from his Sicamp experience.
9:39 p.m:
Daniela Nemerenco talks about her activity as a coordinator at the Center for Electronic Governance: “I’m sure there is a dose of energy and inspiration here.  I can’t wait to see what will come out until Sunday.”
09:30 p.m:
Jaroslav Valuch  talks about ideas, social impact and the notion of  “SICamp”.

Interesting facts about SICamp: 120 people have applied;
40 project ideas were submitted to SICamp;
21 participants + 5 “Idea Holders” were selected

09:15 p.m:  Official opening of the event. Project Coordinator Olga Batîr, welcomes the participants.

 08:00 p.m:  The participants checked in the room and received some gifts – SICamp T-Shirts !

 07:55 p.m: Participants have reached the destination!


07:00 p.m: The participants have started their trip to Ivancea, a beautiful location outside Chisinau, where they will stay till sunday in the evening. SICamp is about to start.

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