Startup ‘incubation’ center opens in Kosovo

Aug 9, 2012

A technology-focused incubator opened its doors 27 June to entrepreneurs and innovators in Kosovo. Funded by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Center Kosovo will provide business incubation services – training, mentoring, consulting, and an innovative office environment, reports the tech and innovation blogg Goal Europe.

Building from its series of ‘startup weekends’ held last year–as well as growing local enthusiasm for the ICT sector–proponents hope that the incubator will foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and business development, which will translate into job growth.

The center has 33 tenants divided into 11 teams focusing on different ICT projects, such as administration services, mobile apps, and web hosting. The teams do not receive financial support as of yet, instead the center offers management coaching, technical support, a workspace, and guidance. Success stories so far include Sprigs, a a small ICT outfit that provides services for Western European PR firms. Kosovo is emerging as an outsourcing hub for European firms, with lower labour costs, a highly educated workforce, and close proximity to its clients.

Image screengrab courtesy Innovation Centre Kosovo

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