Belarusian opposition VK groups hacked, admins arrested

Aug 30, 2012

Unknown hackers have hacked a popular opposition community page in the social network of, and at the same time several of the pages’ moderators have been arrested.

The page “We are tired of this Lukashenka” (alternative link), which is reported to have had at least 37,000 users, is no longer accessible.

In addition, the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports that admins of the hacked community – as well as the community called “A free Lapis Trubiacki concert in Minsk” uniting 30,500 people – have been arrested.

So far we know that among those arrested are Pavał Jeŭcichijeŭ, Andrej Tkačoŭ, Raman Pratasievič, and several other persons who used to moderate either of the above-mentioned communities.

Security services are targeting “everyone who has ever moderated their community,” Siarhiej Biaspałaŭ, another moderator of the hacked group, told

“This is the second attempt to get rid of us,” he said. “The first try was  last year when the clapping demonstrations started. That time KGB has failed, and now they want revenge.”

‘The free Lapis Trubiacki concert in Minsk’ is targeted as Lapis Trubiacki is a very popular band that has openly criticized and ridiculed Lukashenka both in speeches and in their songs. They are now based inRussiafor the threats they have received. Their concerts are attracting thousands of people from bothBelarusandRussia.

About the Author

Alaksiej Lavoncyk

Alaksiej Lavonczyk is a media activist and social media expert from Minsk, Belarus. He had been in charge of the training projects for the NGOs and media on building their capacity in online campaigning and end-user security. Alaksiej had also acted as a consulting and technical expert for NGOs and media in Belarus and four countries of Central Asia (except Turkmenistan) on upgrading media/NGO websites to meet contemporary standards, and on their promotion online. Alaksiej is also running an online training centre for the Central Asians preparing the specialists in SMO promotion.
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