Bulgarian Facebook group helps police the police

Nov 2, 2012

A new Facebook group, called “Photograph a Policeman”  is making waves in the Bulgarian media.

The main aim of the page is to share photos of the law enforcement employees that expose their misconduct when on duty. The site, which was created only a few days ago, already has more than 8,000 followers.

Page contains the photos of Bulgarian police officers shot in some highly embarrassing situations: One photo illustrates police car parked in the area designed for the disabled, another shows the policemen stealing gasoline. One photo depicts Bulgarian policemen drinking beer while driving the car, Reuters writes.

The Facebook group was created in the aftermath of the scandal in Varna, where a passerby Boyan Maximov took a photo of sleeping policemen on duty and distributed them online, according to Reuters.

Commenting on the group, police spokeswoman Kalinka Pencheva called Maximov “a red neck idiot, who has nothing to do and is bored”. Pencheva was later fired, Reuters reports.

The interior ministry said they are monitoring the groups’ photos and comments even if most of the photos are old.

Photo take from “Photograph a Policeman” Facebook group.

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Nino Tsintsadze is a TOL editorial intern.
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