Russia shutters more than 90 sites over child pornography

Feb 7, 2013
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More than 90 Russian-registered websites have been shut down since January for content containing child pornography, according to a  4 February  announcement by the Interpol National Central Bureau, RIA Novosti reports. 

According to the Interior Ministry, the amount of child pornography throughout the Russian web has risen dramatically over the past four years, growing nearly 12 times, making Russia the second largest producer of child pornography on the web behind the United States.

A federal law went into effect in September enabling an automated registry to identify websites with content involving child pornography and closing those sites without a court order.  Websites containing instructions to drug making and suicide are among those that can be shut down before a trial as well. The law resulted in a January closing of nearly 600 sites that contained information on how to commit suicide.

But the law and its registry has also been criticized by Internet users and activists as over broad and stifling free speech.


Front page image courtesy of the President of Russia press service.

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