Cyber attackers continue to target Czech sites

Mar 15, 2013

The cyber attacks that hit Czech websites last week continued this week, but this time authorities know who some of the culprits are.

“The attack this week was made by a group called Czechurity and they really wanted to be visible. They wanted to show that the (denial-of-service) attacks from last week are less important, that they can do a much better job,” Ondrej Filip, the chief executive of CZ.NIC and the man who essentially oversees Czech Internet, told Radio Prague.  “We drew a lot of lessons from these weeks and we are not preparing for a similar type of attack but rather for a much bigger and broader attack.”

The attacks began on 4 March, disabling various media outlet websites, followed by the Prague Stock exchange and the Czech National Bank. The latest attack was against the website of the Czech bank UniCredit on 11 March.

Earlier, the sites were hobbled by denial-of-service attacks, which overload servers with requests, leading to an overload of activity. Most of the attacks of the last week are believed to have come from a variety of sources, mostly abroad.

But the latest attack was not of the same type, and while authorities know the group behind the UniCredit cyber attack, the previous ones remain a mystery.

The damage caused by the attacks is reportedly temporary but has cast doubt on the country’s cyber security.

Image courtesy Flickr User szeke. Creative commons. 


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