New app warns Romanian drivers of upcoming potholes

Apr 30, 2013

Although a solution to Romania’s endemic road problems is still nowhere in sight, a team of Romanian IT specialists has come up with an app for mobile phones that allows drivers to avoid potholes.

The free Gropometru (pothole meter) app developed by the XL Team software firm has enabled users to pinpoint almost 60,000 potholes in one month, most of them in Bucharest,co-creator Alin Chican tells Balkan Insight. Some 4,000 users have downloaded the app.


According to, drivers can manually flag the locations of potholes on the map included in the app. Drivers can even use an acceleration meter and GPS to automatically detect potholes by measuring changes in the car’s vibrations and record their positions.

In early April, Romanian authorities cancelled a road contract for a highway passing through Transylvania due to high costs and slow progress on the project.

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