SICamp makes its third Central Asian appearance in Tajikistan

Jul 9, 2013
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Tajikistan hosted the third Central Asian Social Innovation Camp this year between 29 June and 3 July outside of Dushanbe.

For the uninitiated, Social Innovation Camps promote technical solutions to social challenges through encouraging individuals and teams to think up innovative designs/programs, focusing on online technologies and media.

The first-prize winner this year thought-up a project called Our History, which would assign QR codes to every historical object in the Bishkek and Yssyk-Koel regions to help tourists get more from sites of interest in the area.

Second place went to an idea called Smart Development which would link the innovators of business ideas to donors.

The project Photons of Knowledge an online portal focusing on work and volunteering opportunities for the youth in Central Asia, was named third.

This is the first year that Tajikistan hosted the SICamp. Last year the camp took place in Kazakhstan, and the 2011 camp was in Kyrgyzstan.

Two ideas generated at the 2012 SI Camp have continued to grow beyond the initial event, though both are in the ‘testing’ phase and have not yet been made available online yet.

Professional replies to serious questions’ was introduced by Piotr Bubiencov and will put citizens of Dushanbe into direct communicative contact with the city’s administration. This will allow citizens to engage and ask questions, the replies to which will be compiled into a database in both Russian and Tajik. This database will then be used by citizens in dealing with legal issues and development of the city.

‘E-diary’ by Fachriddin Dzamoliddinov is intended to track the progress of school students’. Currently under testing, this idea is working in cooperation with local schools in Khujand, capital of the Sughd region of Tajikistan.

The 2013 event was streamed through U-Stream and updates were posted though Facebook and Twitter. The winning ideas of this year’s SICamp will now be monitored to see how the projects develop.

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Veronique O'Donoghue is an intern at Transitions Online. She is an International Relations graduate and wrote her dissertation on new media, convergence culture and non-profits. She is studying an MA in Historical Sociology.

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