IT guys pinpoint exact location of Spamalot

Jul 25, 2013
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Belarus has grabbed the dubious honor of being the biggest worldwide source of spam per capita, according to the BBC. Data from the Cloudmark security firm flagged 27 percent of Belarusian IP addresses as known sources of spam, with Romania in second place at 22 percent.

Anti-spam companies block data traffic from more than 3 million Belarusian IP addresses, Cloudmark’s Andrew Conway said.

The United States, with its far larger population, continues to emit the largest volume of junk emails.

Spammers began exploiting Belarusian IP addresses after Russia and other countries put better anti-spam protection in place, security researcher Paul Ducklin told the BBC.

The country’s lax Internet security controls also lured cybercriminals based in other countries such as Romania. Spam messages are typically sent from hijacked computers and rarely originate in the country denoted by the IP address, he said.

Another Internet security company, AppRiver, measured a massive spike in Belarusian spam in April, when the volume leaped from 3 million messages a day to a steady level of 12 million, the Internet news site The Register wrote on 30 May.

Security analyst Jonathan French said the reason for the 13 April spike and continued sky-high spam volume was not clear. Internet security provider Sophos confirmed the rapid rise in spam from Belarusian computers, saying it logged more spams from Belarus than any other country over a 30-day period.


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