SICamp 2013 takes off in Moldova

Jul 26, 2013
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SICamp Moldova 2013 will take place this weekend. Out of 152 applicants 45 were selected to work in teams to tackle nine different social issues using technology and new media.

Social Innovation Camp is an event that unites IT developers, IT designers and social media experts who will work together over 48 hours, to develop five ideas that have been selected by the jury from the total number of 50 ideas.

This year, the best three projects will be awarded in order to support their future development.

NetProphet will have a live blogging session of the event during the weekend. Stay with us here on this blog post for constant updates and photos! You can review the first SICamp day on

Enjoy the Photo gallery from the event on our Facebook page!


07: 15 pm: 1st place at SICamp Moldova 2013 goes to Donez Sânge ! Congratulations!
The project  is an online tool that will allow people who need blood donors to easily find donors and to save someone’s life. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

07:10 pm: 2nd Place
 award goes to Moldova Maps ! This project aims to provide all the information on public transport from Moldova. Good luck!


07:00 pm:
 And the SICamp Moldova 2013 award winners are:  3rd place, Second Life ! This project will offer things a “second life”. The platform will be the place where people will interact in order to give and receive different things. Congratulations!


06:30 pm: All 9 teams presented their ideas. The jury is expected to make a difficult choice because all the ideas deserve the big prize.

05:20 pm: Donez Sânge is now presenting what the team managed to realise. The following ones are Team Work and

04:35 p.m: The next teams to present their project is  Moldova Mapsreciclez.euBook App – “Micul Pieton”,  Second Life.

04:20 pm: The first project to be presented will be RoadOn followed by My Money (Banii mei).  All the teams have 7 minutes to present their ideas and 3 minutes for questions and answers.
04:10 pm:  
At this moment starts the final stage of SICamp Moldova 2013 event. The teams will present the ideas on which they have worked during 48 hours. Let the presentations session begin!

02:00 pm: Teams are preparing their presentations. Two more hours are remaining until we will find out the result of 48 hours of hard work.

12:00 p.m: “I am pleasantly surprised by the teams and the ideas from this edition of SICamp Moldova ! The competition is very high – it will be a hard decision to make”, Alexei Ciobanu, mentor & jury member, winner of SICamp Moldova 2012 edition.

11:14 a.m : The projects are evolving more and more. Check out the their facebook pages : Moldova Maps , Donez SângeBook AppTeam WorkSecond,RoadOn. At this SICamp edition, seven projects from a total of nine have a Facebook Page. Good job!

10:30 a.m :The teams will present their projects according to the following criteria: the social problem to be solved, the purpose of the project, the technical solution, future plan and activities, method of implementation and the results expected.

09:15 a.m : The last day of the event starts with a beautiful weather and a lot of work on projects! Today, the participants will present the results they achieved in 48 hours. Nine ideas will be presented today and the best three of them will be awarded! 

Sunday, the last day of SICamp Moldova 2013

07:00 pm: Dinner is served ! Tomorrow is a big day and most probably the teams will work on their projects the whole night, so they definetily need some energy. At this moment we are ending our live-text session and we will be back tomorrow, the last day of SICamp and the most important one.

06:30 pm: We are glad to inform you that SICamp Moldova is organized the second year by MediaPoint, an organization that promotes social innovation through new media.

” I am pleasantly surprised that I found  valuable ideas at SICamp this year, some better than last year. We can see an evolution of this event and the comunity created” mentioned Tudor Darie, mentor and jury member at SICamp Moldova 2013.

04:16 p.m:  The teams leaders and the participants that will present tomorrow the projects are having now a meeting with the mentors. Participants are informed about the requirements and mentors are sharing some tips and tricks for a succesfull presentation.
Alexei Ciobanu, the SICamp 2012 winner gave some advices on how to structure the information, how many slides are needed. And the final advice was : Practice, practice, practice :)

03:40 p.m: Teams started actively to promote their projects. Another project is now on Facebook- Donate Blood.

3:10 pm: The project is on Facebook! The platform aims to facilitate the carpooling process in Moldova.

02:00 p.m : The participants enjoyed the lunch and now they continue their work on the projects. Meanwhile another team launched their Facebook Page. Meet the Book App project !

Book App- project that intends to create an application designed for children that are up to 12 years, in order to help them to learn secure traffic rules.

12:20 p.m : Donate Blood- the team aims to facilitate blood donation process through their project.

12:10 a.m : Meet our teams ! Moldova Maps - a project containing information on all public transports from Moldova.

10:58 a.m : The teams allready started to promote their projects. Check out the Facebook Page of Teamwork project.

09:47 a.m : Mentors and organizers had a meeting. The main goal was to check once again the ideas and to make a plan on how to efficiently assist the participants.

09:36 a.m :  We are lucky to have a good weather, fresh air outside the city and great landscapes around us! The teams make themselves comfortable, so let the work on projects begin ! We will be back with photos.

08:35 a.m :
Good Morning! Today is a big day ! Assisted by the SICamp mentors, the teams will focus on developing their projects. Now the participants a having breakfast.

Saturday, the second day of SICamp

10:10 p.m : The live text session ends here. Tomorrow the teams will begin to work on projects.

09:40 p.m: Team started to present their ideas.

1. Book App: the project intends to create a digital interactive book, designed for children that are up to 12 years, in order to help them to learn secure traffic rules.

2. Roadshare: a platform that aims to facilitate carpooling process.
3.Donate blood: an online tool that will allow people who need blood donors to find them and blood donors to save someone’s life.

4. Moldova Maps: the team aims to develop a mobile application containing all public transport routes from Moldova.

5. Recycle: the team plans to develop a participatory and educational web platform to inform people about the importance of the responsible use of resources and to promote selective collection of waste batteries, accumulators, glass, light bulbs, and other.

6. SelfDonate: the main goal is to help people with disabilities, orphanages, boarding school starting with what we have: household goods, clothes, volunteering.

7. TeamWork: the team will create a site where people will have the possibility to form teams for the achievement of a specific project.

8. Second Life: this project aims to give things “a second life”. There are many people that have some things that they don’t use or need anymore and they can give them away. The platform will be the place  where people will interact in order to give away and receive different things.

9. My Money: this project aims to promote budget and public money transparency. The site allows explaining in an attractive and easy to read way how are the income tax calculated. Also the site will show how these taxes contribute to public revenues and how they are spent.

09:30 pm : Alexei Ciobanu, IT manager, shared some advices related to team and work management during the week-end, on which aspects the team should pay attention, and what responsibilities everyone should have. Andrei Haret, Social media and digital marketing specialist wished good luck to the participants and also shared some advices from his experience. Gleb Kanunnikau, designer and marketing specialist and our special guest advised participants to do the best they can because their succes is in their hands.

09:20 p.m: Mentors are giving advices to the participants.

Interesting facts about SICamp 2013: 150 people have applied, 50 ideas were submitted, only 9 ideas were selected to participate in the contest this week-end.

09:00 p.m:  SICamp Moldova 2013 was officially launched. Cristina Gumaniuc, the project manager of this edition welcomes the participants.





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