Crowdfunding kicks off in the Czech Republic with the help of

Mar 19, 2014
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The concept of crowd funding (a form of online fundraising and/or investment using small donations from a large number of donors) has caught on in the Czech Republic, according to Radio Prague., a successful Czech crowd funding site founded in 2012, exemplifies the trend. Although other crowd funding sites are available in the Czech Republic, according to an interview with Aleš Burger, Hithit co-founder, on, Hithit differs from the others because there people have a real chance of success. 


“We are strict with the projects we choose. We choose those that people actually want to support,” Pavel Eichler, Burger’s Hithit co-founder, said.


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Anyone can go to and see for themselves the list of notable projects, which now number eighty-four. Several projects have even attracted more donations than were originally needed. For example Vladimir Broz’s album received 94,200 Czech crowns, and the initial goal was only 50,000 crowns.


Burger and Eichler founded, and the two now function as job hunters for the website. In total, five people run the site— Aleš Burger, Pavel Eichler, Norbert Nagz, Pavel Muller, and Jana Ecksteinová . Their tasks include finding projects, designing software, public relations, and marketing.


Eichler described many reasons why Hithit has been successful. “The website not only publicizes and serves as a medium to attract funding, but also the Hithit team works closely with the project authors. We have experience with PR. We help with creating videos and project descriptions in order to maximize as much as possible the chances of attracting donors.”


Examples of successful Hithit projects vary. There have been books, such as Kateřina Antošova’s book about life in a wheelchair, animated films, such as Filip and Bára’s Až po uší v Mechu, or Cirkus Naslepo, courses for people with visual impairments to learn circus techniques such as acrobatics.


Eichler said, “The main difference between Hithit and Kickstarter is Hithit’s emphasis on creativity rather than entrepreneurship.”


Burger and Eichler’s inspiration for founding in the Czech Republic stemmed from their involvement in the Czech music scene. “We saw the need to provide up and coming artists with a medium through which to produce music. Many had great ideas with no way to fund them.”


Indeed many successful projects have been albums of Eichler’s musician friends, though the team says, “anyone with a good creative idea has a chance.”


The most obvious way people can get involved in is by donating to projects that they find worthy. Every project has 45 days to collect the necessary funds after which, if they are not collected, they are returned to the donors. However, Eichler said, “Apart from funding, simply talking about Hithit is also an effective way to help. If you see a project that you find particularly deserving then talk to your friends and co-workers about it. Simply spreading the word can go a long way.”


Pavel Eichler would like to see expand in the future. Ideally, will spread throughout Central Europe—in Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, and eventually to all of Europe.

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