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Meteorite pelts Russia with tweets, memes, and scams

Feb 18, 2013

The meteorite that fell near the Russian industrial city of Chelyabinsk on 15 February sent shock waves around the RuNet and social networks worldwide. Read More »

Russian Orthodox Church looks to salvation online

Feb 8, 2013

The Russian Orthodox Church is looking to improve its web presence after Patriarch Kirill voiced his concern over church’s reputation on the Internet. Read More »

Yandex to expand its technological horizons

Feb 6, 2013

Internet giant Yandex has become the first Russian company to get access to the vast databases of the influential Swiss European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Read More »

Russia hopes to get tough on cyber attacks

Feb 4, 2013

The Russian government has announced plans to beef up the state’s cyber security.  Although specifics of the plan have yet to be laid out, the Kremlin has said it’s first step will be to consolidate authority for fighting the problem under the nation’s internal security agency. Read More »

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