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Keeping politicians honest in Slovakia

Nov 17, 2011

Politicians have a way with words.  Sometimes they also have a way with facts.  That is to say, they have their way with the facts.  That’s why new sites are popping up around the world to keep politicians honest and hold them to their promises. A website in Slovakia,, is doing just that. Read More »

Romania uses social media to confront apathy

Nov 16, 2011

Activists and civil society participants in Romania are coming up with innovative ways of combatting problems they see in their communities. A recent blog post on Tech Soup Global talks about what seems to have been a really productive competition called Restart Romania. The competition, organized  by Tech Soup Romania, was designed to find, develop and support a few of the best ideas. Read More »

Twitter used to free foreign journalist in Kyrgyzstan

Nov 15, 2011

Twitter is a great tool for journalists to use when collecting information, but it can also be a valuable lifeline should they run into any trouble while reporting. A recent story posted by Foreign Policy tells the breathless tale of an American journalist arrested while working in Kyrgyzstan. He had been covering a protest when he was picked up by men claiming to be secret police. Fortunately for him, he was able to phone a friend before being taken away. This is the story of how his friends were able to use Twitter to locate him and start an immediate dialogue with the people in power who could help set him free.

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