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The sisterhood of the travelling Rails coders

Oct 2, 2012

For a small group of women in Tallinn, Estonia, the world of technology offers the chance to have it all: work and family. Known as Tech Sisters, the group formed in August with the intention of following up on the Rails Girls event last March. Read More »

Balkans reaffirm commitment to data protection

Sep 19, 2012

It should come as no surprise that the EU considers the protection of personal data as a fundamental right guaranteed by a number of international and national legal acts. These laws cover the right to have private and family life respected, the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and the free movement of such data. Read More »

Crowd-sourced map takes aim at Serbia’s gun culture

Aug 21, 2012

In early September, gun control advocates in Serbia will launch an online crowd-mapping platform with the hope of challenging the preconceived notion of a gun culture in a country with one of the highest gun-ownership rates in the world. Read More »

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