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Moldova rewards technological startups

Aug 30, 2011

Moldova recently hosted iTineret, a nation-wide contest to establish and promote young talent and achievements in the IT field. The competition comprised of categories including websites, graphics and applications. One of the winners of the contest was MediaPoint, a longtime TOL partner in Moldova. They created a website called based on a Ushahidi platform dedicated to monitoring and reporting issues that should be tackled by public authorities, such as bad roads and poor illumination. Read More »

The mailmen of Chisinau

Jul 1, 2011

This week Moldovans gathered online to mark their concern about the recent demolition of Chisinau’s historic first post office. They soon found their efforts recognized, if not rewarded, in the real-world response of public authorities. Read More »

Moldova: 1 business, 48 hours

Jun 22, 2011

“For each team,” states a blurb on Launch48’s website, “the goal is simple: pitch, build and launch an online business in 48 hours.” Read More »

From Facebook to flash mobs, Moldovans wage political campaigns on the web in recent elections

Jun 15, 2011

Moldova is currently in the thick of two rounds of local elections and is inundated with all the complex political dynamics and exchange associated with the period. The first round of municipal elections occurred 5 June, and the second round will take place this Sunday, 19 June.
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