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Blogging in Georgia is a lonely pursuit

Aug 19, 2011

Despite a dramatic increase over the past few years in the number of Georgian blogs, only a small percentage of the population knows what a blog actually is.

The results of a survey conducted by ACT, a market research and consulting company based in Georgia, indicated that 92.1% of the population do not know what a blog is. Read More »

With the help of its citizens, Georgia’s Google Map to be colored in

Aug 8, 2011

This year, Georgia was mapped for the first time … on Google, that is. Due to efforts in Georgia, geographic detail is finally available on Google Map Maker, a service launched by Google in 2008 to open Google Maps to community collaborative effort, and will soon be available on Google Maps itself. Read More »

In Tbilisi, roadblocks mean progress

Jun 23, 2011

With their streets in disrepair, Tbilisi residents take to the Internet. Read More »

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