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Innovators welcome at Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum

Jul 7, 2014

Nearly 2,500 media and communication professionals from around the world gathered at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany from 30 June-2 July for the Deutsche Welle’s annual Global Media Forum.

This year’s conference, “From Information to Participation: Challenges for the Media,” featured panels and workshops focused on practical approaches to adjusting industry standards and practices to meet the needs of an increasingly global audience and market. Read More »

Dushanbe suspected in Google, YouTube blackouts

Jun 16, 2014

The disappearance of popular Internet services in Tajikistan this week appears to follow a recurrent pattern of foreign websites being blocked by the authorities.

On 12 June, Internet users reported being unable to access Google, including their Gmail accounts, Radio Free Europe reports. The country’s Association of Internet Service Providers confirmed that most providers had blocked Google. Read More »

3 ways the Russian government plans to police the web

A new Russian law will go into effect on August 1, 2014, that requires a wide array of websites and online services to register formally with the government. Sites and applications that allow Internet users to communicate will be obligated to store the past six months of user-data on servers located inside Russia, making the information available to Russian law enforcement. Read More »

Serbian bloggers censored for criticizing flood relief efforts


"Don't let them flood you." Image is a screenshot from Twitter.


In late May 2014, Serbia was hit hard by flooding in what became the largest natural disaster the region has seen in the past century. The catastrophic floods not only have taken a yet unknown number of lives and homes, but have also brought to light the pressure and censorship the current government, led by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), has been placing on media.
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So long, Mr. Durov, and thanks for all the fish

This post is part of RuNet Echo, a Global Voices project to interpret the Russian language internet.

After more than a year of rumors, the stockholders of Russia’s largest online social network, Vkontakte, have finally fired founder and CEO Pavel Durov. Read More »

Russians will get access to electronic services with new ID cards

Dec 11, 2013

Russia states that replacement of internal passports with new ID cards would give more than 120 million Russians access to electronic services, Itar-Tass reports. These services might include obtaining certificates and statements from public offices, online registration at the place of residence and electronic voting. After the introduction of electronic ID cards, citizens will be able to complete all of these procedures online instead of standing in queues for hours at public offices.

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