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The Kremlin’s 21st-century thought police

Nov 14, 2012

Earlier this month, Russia’s controversial new Internet blacklist law went into effect, raising serious concerns from bloggers, activists, and human rights watchers. The law, with the particularly Orwellian name “On Amendments to Federal Law On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, officially gives Kremlin agencies the legal right for deep surveillance of its citizenry. Read More »

Hooked on a feeling: The strange marriage of human rights and CAPTCHAs

Oct 23, 2012

About a month ago, the Swedish non-profit Civil Rights Defenders (CDR) released their version of CAPTCHA, the system that is used to verify that the user of the web site is a human (as opposed to a programmed robot). Read More »

Estonia, the startup capital of Europe

Jun 19, 2012

In additon to being the only country in the euro zone with a budget surplus, Estonia enjoys an abundance of technological and business know-how. Ars Technica, an online magazine, reports that the country of 1.3 million has the second-highest number of startups per capita, after the United States. Read More »

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