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Moldovans turn to social media to stop exam cheating

Jun 14, 2012

Cheating on high school graduation exams is a common practice in Moldova. Sadly, the practice is widespread and tacitly accepted by Moldovan society. In a way, exams are seen more as a game of survival, with the highest grades going to the people best able to handle the exam and not necessarily the ones who studied more. Read More »

Moldova Startup Weekend features promising ideas

Jun 8, 2012

Last weekend in Moldova, the second edition of Moldova Startup Weekend focusing on Mobile and Social Media apps was held. The winner of the first edition – Artur Gurău – will soon launch his social network for footballers. Read More »

Moldovans get an unwanted case of holiday viral spamming

Mar 2, 2012

What are you ready to do for a pair of new glasses, for a movie ticket, for a romantic dinner, or for a new phone? As a social-media manager, I have to know these things so I can make more efficient viral campaigns. But what happens when an interesting idea for viral marketing transforms into mass spamming? Read More »

In Moldova sharing is caring, literally

Jan 30, 2012

Facebook pages do not just make the world smaller, but bring local communities closer especially if pages start from a simple idea and are not commercial. Read More »

Bloggers keep tabs on the Moldovan government

Jan 10, 2012

When it comes to voting for the future rulers of a country, every politician tries to send simple messages so everybody can understand them, but when they are in position to rule, their messages seem to be in Chinese. Information about government activity–including the ministries–is incomprehensible, and you can read it over and over and still be puzzled. Read More »

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