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Eastern European states in a social networking frenzy

Jul 28, 2011

According to the Economist, internet users in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Latvia are among the most likely people in the EU to visit social networking sites. Read More »

Journalists Discuss Turkmenistan Explosion on al-Jazeera

Jul 14, 2011

After the July 7 explosion in Abadan, citizen journalists flocked to social media sites, including the Turkmen social network Teswirler, to ascertain the cause and casualties of the event. Read More »

Turkmenet proves strong

Jul 11, 2011

Last week, a fatal explosion in Turkmenistan sparked a wave of citizen journalism in the country, signifying the very real strength of the Internet and social networks in the dissemination of factual information. Read More »

Twitter launches tool for journalists

Jun 29, 2011

With #TfN Twitter aims to become an indispensable resource for reporters and editors. Read More »

Slovak online media subscription meets success

Jun 28, 2011

It’s an uncommon headline, but an online news source is boasting promising financial prospects. Read More »

RFE/RL covers protests enabled by social networks in Belarus

Jun 27, 2011

An article by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty discusses the “silent protests” organized through social networks in Belarus, as covered here last week by Net Prophet blogger Alaksiej Lavoncyk.
Read More »

Mapping genocide

Jun 24, 2011

On June 17, Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina launched an interactive online tool that maps the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, relying on documentary animation, video footage, and narration to provide a new educational model for the interpretation and understanding of the massacre. Read More »

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