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Picturing a budget, one color at a time

Aug 2, 2013

An independent think tank in Moldova is trying to start debate about public money, and they are hoping to spark it with some very pretty pictures. Read More »

Sudden death of Yandex co-founder shakes RuNet

Jul 29, 2013

Ilya Segalovich, co-founder and chief technological officer of the Russian search engine Yandex, passed away 27 July, in a London hospital due to cancer-related causes. Read More »

Digitalization wraps up in Poland: Bad news for broadcasters, good news for viewers?

Jul 18, 2013

As Poland has gradually switched from its antiqued analogue television system to a more updated digital system, four of the largest TV channels have experienced a sharp drop in viewers, while at the same time, the number of digital television users continues to grow. Read More »

Russian security service gets old school to protect secrets

Jul 12, 2013

The recent allegations over the widespread extent of the America’s surveillance program have prompted Russia to regress to a more low-tech alternative to computers—typewriters. Read More »

Constitutional court upholds online defamation law

Jul 10, 2013

On 9 July, the Russian Constitutional Court in St. Petersburg ruled that website owners are responsible for the removal of defamatory information from their sites even if it was posted by a third party. Read More »

Disaster-mapping project helps spread reports of the Czech floods

Jun 13, 2013

The Krizová mapa Česka, or Crisis Map Czech, an online disaster-mapping project created by a Czech television channel, has provided Czech citizens with up-to-date information about the flooding in the Czech Republic.
Read More »

Do Russian multimillionaires dream of synthetic brains?

Jun 7, 2013

Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov has a plan to mass-produce human-like avatars that would grant immortality by uploading people’s brains and personalities for after they die. Read More »

Tajikistan’s recent YouTube block highlights a fickle friendship with the Web

May 29, 2013

To friend or to unfriend?  Tajikistan cannot make up its mind about the Internet.   Read More »

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